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'Strange Tales' no. 130: 'The Defeat of Dr. Strange!'

Quick declaration: I wish that the Stan Lee/Steve Ditko storytelling run on ‘Strange Tales’/’Doctor Strange’ had lasted, yea verily, even unto these current days.

Dr. Strange prepares to risk his life for unworthy criminals in 'Beyond the Purple Veil!'

The author of Too Busy Thinking About My Comics explains how I feel about this mystical yet wonderfully straighforward comic character much more eloquently than I ever could. I must differ with him in this one respect, though: there is indeed an ‘archetypally pure form of Dr Strange’ which, ironically, he described perfectly.

Final panel of the original telling of the origin of Doctor Strange

Earnest, uncomplicated, master of black magic. A straight-shooting Marshal Dillon of the mystic arts. That’s my Doctor Strange, thank you.

  • Andrea’sBuzzingAbout

    The Master of the Mystic Arts really stood out from the rest of the Marvel pack! Tho TBH, Storm was always my fave. (-:

    • Philip Barron

      Loved Storm! I hear she’s married now. :-)

  • photoglyph

    Thanks for being you, Phil.