Like it or not, there comes a time in every computer-users life when they need to upgrade their hardware.

But do you know what signs to look out for?

From crashing to running slowly, we’ve got the top 5 signs that it’s time to upgrade your computer.

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Computer

While the warning signs can often be subtle, there are some that shout the word ‘upgrade‘ at the top of their voice. We’ve put together the 5 major signs it’s time to upgrade your computer that you really need to look out for.

Unable to use Latest Software

All computer software has a set of minimum requirements. These illustrate the basic hardware and software required by a PC in order to run it. If you are frequently running into the situation where your PC does not meet these specifications then it’s definitely time to consider an upgrade.

Running Slowly or Crashing

This could apply to specific software or to your computer as a whole. A computer that runs software slowly or crashes frequently is often a sign that you need to consider an upgrade.

If you are running into this problem, consider having your PC professionally repaired. Some services don’t even require you to leave your chair. So Cal Unlimited state that having your PC repaired remotely provides a safe, cheap and secure alternative to taking your computer to a store.

Overheating or Making Excessive Noise

While this is also something that an expert may be able to assist with, an overhearing computer can spell big trouble. It could indicate a problem with the fans being unable to sufficiently cool the hardware. It may even be the hardware itself generating excess heat under high load, that even fully working fans cannot efficiently cool.

The same is true of excessive noise. The could mean a deeper problem with something like the CD drive, fans or other moving parts in your computer. If an expert can’t fix the problem for you then it might be time for an upgrade.

Insufficient Hard Drive Space

A PC upgrade doesn’t have to mean an entire replacement or major overhaul. It could be something as simple as giving your PC some additional storage space.

According to USA Today, most modern PCs or laptops will be fine with 250 – 350GB or storage space. However, if you plan on running space-intensive programs like games or editing software you will certainly need more storage. This is also true if you plan on storing lots of photos or videos on your PC.

You may want to consider upgrading to 500GB or even 1TB. This will be sufficient space for storing all your software and multimedia. With most modern PC cases, adding more storage space later is incredibly easy.

Your PC is Over 5 Years Old

Prior to 2015, if your PC was over 4 years old you would be recommended to upgrade it by most computer experts. Now, however, according to Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, that has slowed to 5 – 6 years.

Even with newer hardware extending PC life, consider upgrading your PC if it is over 5 or 6 years old.

Final Thoughts

These are the most important signs that indicate when it’s time to upgrade your computer. With modern PCs, it’s possible to upgrade or replace parts at a modular level. This is something to consider if you run into one of these signs.

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