Buying a house is one of the most stressful investments you’ll ever make. That’s why a pre-sale inspection is essential. However, this won’t clue you into the condition of the sewer line.

In may not seem like it, but the pipes that run under a home’s property have a huge impact on the plumbing. Damaged sewer lines can lead to a number of costly issues.

Before you decide to close the deal on a new house, you need to have a sewer inspection performed. Doing so will protect you from future disasters and can save you thousands of dollars. Let’s go over how.

Avoid Future Plumbing Issues

You can inspect the condition of the pipes and plumbing components inside a house. But what about the pipes underground?

Over time, sewer lines take on damage such as cracks and corrosion. When this happens it can affect the plumbing inside a home. It can also impact water quality.

Some sewer line issues can cause water and other debris to back up into a house through the plumbing. When this happens, homeowners must pay for costly cleanup and repairs.

Having an inspection performed is a great way to ensure the sewer lines under a home are in good shape. This is critical if you plan on staying in the home for years or even living out your retirement there.

Discover Root Obstructions

One of the most common issues homeowners run into with regard to sewer lines is obstructions by tree or plant roots.

In some cases, roots can enter the sewer line and cause clogs and major backups. They can also cause sewage pipes to shift and break.

When this occurs, a plumbing company like this Indianapolis plumber will have to perform excavation services. In addition to tearing up the surrounding landscaping, this job is very expensive.

A sewage inspector can determine if roots have infiltrated underground pipes. They can also let you know if this problem may happen down the road.  

Evaluate the Condition of Your Sewer Line

If the home you’re considering is older, there’s a chance the sewage pipes running to the property are made from outdated material. Many old sewer lines are either clay or iron.

These pipes are prone to cracking when the ground shifts. That’s why new homes have durable, plastic lines.

A sewer line inspector will use a video camera to check the condition of the pipes under a home. If they find outdated pipes, this is a huge red flag. You may end up having to pay for a replacement sooner rather than later.

If this is the case, you’ll need to negotiate a different asking price for the home to ensure you don’t get stuck paying for the repairs.

Play It Safe By Getting a Sewer Inspection

When considering buying a home, protect yourself by having a sewer inspection performed. They’re quick, easy and can potentially save you thousands of dollars down the road.

Keep the issues discussed above in mind when shopping around for your next home. Knowing what to look for in advance will save you from getting hurt in the future.

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