Maureen Dowd, #lolshudder

Maureen Dowd is Countess Báthory, except that she bathes in the blood of your attention. You have been warned.

Planning out the courtyard

The shape of courtyards to come

My wife has done wonderful things to make our house here in Austin into a home that feels like us, outside as well as inside. The time has come, however, to ramp up efforts on the landscaping, especially in the private, ‘inner’ yard. It all begins with a plan. Margaret’s plan!

IV port in my right wrist

Somebody’s going to Emergency

You spend a night sleeping badly because of shoulder pain, you spend the next day on your back in the local emergency ward. These things happen.

My wife Margaret


And here you probably thought that April 20 was all about smoking weed.

'Strange Tales' no. 130: 'The Defeat of Dr. Strange!'

yay, quaint hero comix

Quick declaration: I wish that the Stan Lee/Steve Ditko storytelling run on ‘Strange Tales’/’Doctor Strange’ had lasted, yea verily, even unto these current days.