The latest statistics reveal over 6,000 craft breweries in the United States. Beer is popular, and the craft brew industry grew by 15% from 2016-2017.

If you’re a craft brewer, how do you stand out in this growing market?

Brewing tasty beer is a must. But don’t forget about your beer labels. A lot of thought goes into the labels. And these days, the labels are works of art, eye-catching and colorful.  

Read on for a look at 5 epic and unforgettable beer label designs. 

1. Guinness Porter and Classic Guinness

If you’re talking about beer labels, you’ve got to pay homage to Guinness. The Guinness Extra Stout label first launched in 1862. The classic elements of the design are on the bottle today. 

Arthur Guinness’ signature graces the bottle while the harp symbol and name are front and center. 

The Guinness Porter labels took inspiration from the old brewing books from which the porter recipes originated. These custom beer labels feature die-cut shapes and hand lettering. 

2. Delirium Tremens 

The pink elephant on the label of Delirium Tremens alerts you to the 8.5% alcohol by volume (ABV). The pink elephant sits daintily on an opaque white bottle. 

The elephants on the beer are color coded for ABV. The red elephant is the strongest. 

The label is cool, and the white bottle sets it apart. 

3. Hell or High Watermelon

Drinking this beer is plain fun because the label is so awesome. The comic-book style design shows The Statue of Liberty sitting on the Golden Gate Bridge. Her lamp lies to the side. 

The dominant color is retro blue. The beer comes from the 21st Amendment Brewery. That’s the famous amendment repealing Prohibition. 

You can’t beat this beer when it comes to the brewery name, the libation name, and the cool design. 

If you haven’t tried this beer, it’s high time you did. 

4. Lazersnake

The LazerSnake label is a work of art by Phineas X. Jones, designed by Zimmer-Design. The bottle sports a colorful, tattoo-like design that’s both futuristic and dark in nature. 

The colors harken to 1960s tie-dye shirts. Even the cap is colorful. The snake has laser guns drawn, and its body is an amalgam of scaly flesh and space ship. 

5. Murk Mobile 

Surfing, sun, VW Vans, and Scooby Doo, that’s what this label brings back for you! And don’t forget the infamous “flower power.” It’s all there in one place on Murk Mobile’s label. 

You’ll love the bright red, neon green, and blue combination. This double India pale ale label is sure to knock your socks off. 

Unforgettable Beer Labels

These are only a few of the many unforgettable beer labels from the last few years. From the classic Guinness to Murk Mobile, there are so many artistic beer label designs on the market today. 

If you’re a brewer, don’t make your label an afterthought. Many beer connoisseurs pick up their six-back because they can’t resist the label. If you’re a beer drinker, keep enjoying those mini works of art!

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