It’s no secret that the modern world is obsessed with their phones. You could even say that our smartphones hijack our minds. 

In fact, the average smartphone user checks their phone around 47 times per day

To some, especially teens and young adults, that’s a low number. 

Do Smartphones Hijack Our Minds?

50 percent of teens who were part of a 2016 study admitted that they ‘feel addicted’ to their cell phone. over 70 percent feel the need to respond to text messages and social media alerts instantly. 

With all of this usage and dependency, it’s begs the question– what kind of negative effects are associated with excessive smartphone use?

We’re going to give you 3 unsettling facts about the impact of smartphone use. 

Let’s dive right in. 

1. Smartphone Use Increases Risk of Insomnia

If you own a smartphone, you’ve probably spent at least one sleepless night scrolling through articles or social media posts struggling to fall asleep. 

In fact, many of us who are already having a difficult time falling asleep will grab our smartphones as an attempt to ‘pass the time’ until we feel tired. 

But did you know that using smartphones within an hour of falling asleep actually increases the risk of sleep disorders? 

Not only does smartphone use impede our ability to fall asleep, but it also impairs the quality of sleep

2. Smartphone Use Can Cause Anxiety 

Smartphones have a substantial effect on our emotions and how we regulate them. Constant access to stimulation, instant gratification, and distraction lead us to depend on our phones in times of emotional stress.

As it turns out, our phones have the ability to worsen or even cause anxiety and depression. 

Studies have been done that include monitoring the stress response of people when they hear notifications, calls, or texts to their smartphones which are out of their reach. 

The results showed a large spike in heart rate and sweat response when unable to interact with their busy phones. This is due to cortisol being released in the body as a reaction to our smartphones. 

This just goes to show how smartphones hijack our minds on a regular basis.

3. Can Cause Impairments in Cognition

Believe it or not, our smartphones have an impact on our minds without them even being in use. 

There was a study done that monitored and tested the cognitive functions of people who were just in close proximity to their phones. 

The results showed that those who knew that their smartphone was near them, even when the phone was on silent, were distracted and performed poorly on their cognitive function tests. 

The closer the phone was to the subject, the worse they performed cognitively.

This leads us to wonder how having our smartphones near us in the car affect our ability to drive, as well as perform other basic functions throughout the day. 

The More You Know

So what should we take away from this? 

Yes, smartphones hijack our minds if we get too attached to them. So try to limit your daily use. Perhaps you could pick one day a week to go completely smartphone free.

Be mindful of your use and try to recognize when your smartphone may be taking your brain over so you can take it back. 

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