Amazing sex tips

Tips that can help you make your sex life better

Sex is perhaps the most important part of our life. It gives few hours of pleasure, happiness, and satisfaction. Here are some tips that can help you extract the best out of your sex life.

Keep your pets out of your bedroom

One morning, Chris woke-up late than usual, and after coming out of bed, he felt bit pain in his penis. When he looked back to his bed, he saw small amount of blood. After looking at his penis to check the reason behind pain, he was surprised to see bite marks. Chris was planning to ask his wife if she mistakenly used her teeth while performing some act. But suddenly, Chris saw his cat; she was comfortably sleeping on the bed. The young man got clear picture about what had possibly happened. Since that day, Chris does not allow his pet cat and dog to enter his bedroom while sleeping at night.

Sexual Relationship

It is advisable to keep your four-legged friends outside the room while enjoying sex with your partner.

Appreciate her presence

Your attentiveness and efforts to make your partner happy on bed can turn your night into a wonderful experience. Both partners should try to understand each other, and try to please each other. Sex is all about sharing, and no one can deny that women play their part perfectly. Man should respect woman, and appreciate her presence by performing whatever act she is looking for.

Always keep a good sense of humor while enjoying sex. Do not hesitate to laugh at yourself. But, don’t laugh at your partner, as she might not like the same. Try to share some jokes with your partner to keep the atmosphere happy.

Avoid painful acts

Sex can be enjoyed if both partners are happy while performing. But, when it comes to unnatural, anal sex, only men can enjoy. On the other hand, woman/ girl may end-up with pain and infection. In-spite of immense pain involved, women never complain. They take all the pain, just to keep their partner happy.  So, it is advisable to not to perform acts that can cause pain to your loved one.

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