Simple and Affordable – Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator

Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric is one of the most affordable food dehydrators available in the market. It is very popular in the market for its simple design and easy to use. It has not only affordable price it also has wide range of features designed to help you to dry food. It is quite simple to use, beginners can easily operate it. Dehydration in this appliance maintains the vitamins and minerals. There is no need to add preservatives or is designed in a good way. You can enjoy delicious Jerky because this appliance is best for making beef jerky. This model will require around 4-5 hours making banana chips. And it takes 1 hour to dry pears and you can also dry tomatoes in 3 hours. You will also receive some other accessories too with it.

Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator

Specifications and features of Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric

– It has fan mounted at the bottom of the appliance, the unit boasts the vertical airflow. In this mechanism, basically heat starts off from the bottom of the machine and gradually it moves across the trays. This mechanism ensures that all the food present in the lower tray will dry rapidly. In this method all the food is not dried evenly. Another advantage of having vertical airflow is that you don’t suffer from mixing of flavor.
– The appliance has expandable features, it has 4 trays but you can insert more trays in it to increase the capacity. Up to 8 trays are added to accommodate more food in for drying in each batch. If you routine is quite busy, you must have to buy this appliance because it can dry the double amount of food in the same batch.
– The unit is designed in a good way it has see-through cover which makes you allow keeping an eye on the drying procedure. In this way you can protect the food from over drying and under drying. Well it is not necessary that you have to watch through the lid, you can also check the food by lifting the lid. You can make your food as dry as your wish.
– The appliance emits very less noise as compared to other models of dehydrators. So you can comfortably use this appliance in night or when any family member is sleeping.
– The dehydrator has no timer in it so you can substitute it with any kitchen timer. It has no thermostat in it but its temperature regulates automatically. It has a temperature range from 135-145°F
– The device is of 600 Watt having 1 year limited warranty. The type of the dehydrator is stackable, and the dimension of appliance is 14 x 15 x 6″. The device is available just in white colour having no battery.

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– It has an expandable 4 tray system.
– The appliance has vertical air flow system and the fan is mounted at the bottom.
– There is not necessary to rotate the tray.
– The lid of the appliance is transparent or see-through.
– The drying trays cover can easily washed in dishwashers.
– The instruction book is included with this appliance, which help its users to guide them about drying of different items.


– It has no timer in it so you have to use any kitchen timer.
– There is no thermostat in it.


Overall the appliance is solid and reliable. It is easy to clean and simple to use. Starters can easily handle it and it is designed with wide variety of features. More important thing is that it has surprisingly reasonable and affordable price. If it is properly cared by the users the total life span of the appliance is 10 years or more than it.

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