The way to maintain your blade to have the best performance

To have the best band saw, you need to make sure that your band saw blade will serve you diligently, you should pay attention to proper usage and maintenance. The precautionary measures below could help enhance safety in the process of using product. A poor performance by your blade can relate to some factors. They consist of crooked cuts, band breakage, stripping teeth, and rough cuts…band-saw-blade-wood-working

The blades of the band saw are too sharp when they are new. Thus, breaking in is very necessary with all the blades. To make the best performance, remember to engage the appropriate band speed. Moreover, the feed pressure that is about half the normal rate is one thing you need to consider.  Applying these settings on the first 50 inches of the material being cut is recommended for you. In the case the material is mild or low carbon steel, try to apply the settings on the first 150 inches.

The SFPM for the different speed of settings is another aspect that you should consider. This is very useful for you to determine the ideal speed for using on the material that you want to cut. For achieving the best results, you should determine the suitable RPM in order to use as well as measure the wheel’s diameter. There are a lot of ways in determining the RPM. The manual of operator will be an important guide in determining the RPM. Additionally, by using a tachometer or a revolution counter, you could easily calculate the revolutions that are made by the wheels per minute. After that, to determine the circumference of wheel, you have to multiply the diameter by 0.262 and measure the diameter of drive wheel in inches. The multiplication’s result is similar to the blade’s speed. You should remember that the premature blade problems are real; therefore, try to check the blades often.

In most blades, the major problem is the stripping teeth. A lot of or very few teeth working on the material being worked on can cause this problem. If the parts are not held in a secure way, the rate of feed can be too high or the speed can be too low. This makes the chip brush not to work because these chips are in overloading condition. The blades might be stressed in the case other equipment is aging. There are many factors leading to band breakage like guide arms being set too far apart, worn out guides, wheels with a small diameter… Using the bands that are thinner is the best way to reduce band breakage resulting in small diameter on wheels.

If you use faulty blades, you can have to experience crooked cuts. These cuts can be caused by some factors. They consist of the dull blade, heavy feed rate, carbide guides or slow speed…

The fact that the blade will work effectively or ineffectively depends on the users. Try to use the suitable blades to have the best performance as well as to enhance working environment.

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Something you need to know when choosing the best pillows for side sleepers


The first thing is about material

Best pillows for side sleepers are produced using a few distinct sorts of materials including adaptable foam, water, dab, gel or buckwheat shell additions and standard cotton fiber. The distinctions signify the amount of give you need your best pillows for side sleepers you have. At the point when mulling over your side you don’t need your head to have the capacity to sink into the pad too far. Since side sleeper cushions are made of thick, strong materials, they have a tendency to be heavier than what a great many people are utilized to.

The second thing is about Company Reputation

In the event that that doesn’t appear like a quality that relates to the best pillows for side sleepers, let me guarantee you it has a major effect. All great side sleeper pads ought to accompany a certification. While the pads recorded here are great qualities for their quality, they will cost more than a typical, customary pad. That implies you need to make sure it will be secured by the producer against smoothing out, harm or different issues you may have. An in number organization that backs their stock can likewise help answer any inquiries you may have with respect to your best pillows for side sleepers once you get it.

The third thing is about Formed or Moldable

A few individuals like a pad that will stay superbly molded for the duration of the night regardless of the amount they move. Other individuals like a cushion that can be tucked and turned to fit into the way their bodies are lying. On the off chance that you have a propensity for putting an arm under your pad, or need a side sleeper pad you can have under your neck additionally wrapped to bolster your upper back, you don’t need a cushion with gusseted sides or a strong adaptable foam cushion. Destroyed adaptable foam, gel fiber, water or buckwheat filled cushions are a vastly improved option.

Who is utilizing the Pillow? On the off chance that you are purchasing the best pillows for side sleepers only for yourself, one size or sort of cushion will be great. Then again, in the event that you are purchasing a few pads so everybody in the home has one, and they can likewise be utilized for visitors, a superior decision is a customizable styled side sleeper cushion like the water-filled or buckwheat filled side sleeper pads.

Youthful youngsters and pregnant ladies need various types of bolster: Children who like mulling over their sides require the same amount of insurance for their head, neck and spine as a grown-up, yet there won’t be as much space between the sleeping cushion and their heads to top off, so an additional expansive, thick adjustable foam cushion may push them askew as much as a feeble, level pad. Search for best pillows for side sleepers with a slimmer profile, or utilize a flexible sort to guarantee that the youngster gets the most profit by their pad.

Pregnant mother require a ton of backing for their stomach region, and may welcome a best pillows for side sleepers that is both firm, yet flexible. Destroyed flexible foam is an extraordinary decision on the grounds that it offers the greater part of the bolster, however twists effortlessly to wrap around their body as it changes.


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Five Things to Consider Before Buying A Kitchen Faucet

Pause a moment before you are planning to buy a kitchen faucet. How well are you aware of the important aspects to be considered while buying a kitchen faucet? Many people seldom know the important factors to be considered while buying a kitchen faucet. They might be thinking there is nothing much to think about it and will go with the opinion of the sales person at the retail shop. That is not a correct attitude. There are some important factors one must know before buying a kitchen faucet and we are dealing with the minimum five things to consider before buying a kitchen faucet in this article.

Five Things to Consider Before Buying A Kitchen Faucet

Whether you want to repair or install a new kitchen faucet?

You need to have a clear understanding what are you up to with the kitchen faucet. If you just want to repair, then you need only to buy the required spare part/s that is essential for repairing the kitchen faucet. In the event if you are planning to install a new one, make sure whether you need a professional plumber, or you can handle it by self. Most of the modern kitchen faucets are easy to fix by going through the instruction manual, provided you have to have the right tools and supporting plumbing materials. If you are doubtful about handling any untoward situations, then it would be better not to engage in an experiment.

Buying A Kitchen Faucet
Buying A Kitchen Faucet

Decide on the kitchen faucet:

Make sure to buy the same features of the existing kitchen faucet that will go with the sink. This will ease up the replacement problems. If you are planning to fix an entire set of new kitchen faucet and sink, then you can buy the best one as per your choice without looking into the previous models. But remember to accommodate your requirements, whether you want to have separate taps for cold and hold water and also facilities for a sprayer. The color of the kitchen faucet must be matching to the interior of the existing cabinet colors.

Decide on the type of handle:

The handle of the kitchen faucet must be easy to operate. Instead of buying a “rotation valve type kitchen faucet”, it would be better to have “lift-lever or one-way turning lever systems”. If you are using hot and cold water taps separately, then there should be a feature to mix the water.   Faucets with single handles are more comfortable to use. Advantages of lever handles are many, especially when both of your hands are engaged you can operate the lever with your elbow. Modern high-tech faucets are available with sonic sensors and wave sensors. You can choose any of these depending on your interest.

What are the best ideal kitchen faucet features?

A faucet with cold, hot water blender and sprayer are always good.

Go for kitchen faucet with water filter:

Yes, if you are modern thinking and afford to have technologically innovated kitchen faucets, there is no harm in going after the latest gadgets. There are kitchen faucets available with built-in water filters. This will eliminate in installing an additional water filter for clean drinking water.

As a general rule, it is always advisable to read through various reviews before your decide on the best brand that you want to buy kitchenfaucetreviewsonline. But, always remember the five things to consider before buying a kitchen faucet better not to regret later!

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Knowing all about the feather pillow – The closest competitor of the down pillow

When people go out shopping for their favorite then they always find themselves debating with the shopkeeper about the material used in the pillow. They are always very keen to ask about the longevity and what issues they will face in the maintenance of such pillows. This becomes easier if they choose to shop online as they are lesser dependent because of all the information that they can readily find about the different types of pillows online. In this era, the down pillows and the feather pillows are the most desirable ones with a lot of benefits. If you dig deep down into both the types then there is a vast difference in both. We will find out one by one, that what these both pillows are all about.

Down Pillows:

The down pillows use the down clusters which are spherical and round in shape. They resemble very closely to the head shape of a dandelion and are almost of the same size, depending on the quality of the down. It is the spherical shape of the down comforter which actually give it its loft. The loft produced comes constantly from the down luster which pushes it all the time to come back to its original round shape. The more the fill-power of the down pillow, the more comfortable it would be. A down pillow with fill-power of 800 ounces is the best one.

Feather Pillow:

The feather pillow uses goose feather and it is smaller in size than the cluster used in the down pillow. They are soft despite of having a spine right through its center, which may be uncomfortable as it pokes you. The feather pillows are considered warm pillows and they are required to be kept dry. Therefore, washing a feather pillow is not highly desirable. With the usage of such pillow, they tend to go flat. However, the makers add down clusters in a certain proportion to counter the flatness of the pillow which also controls the hardness of the pillow.

Now which one is best for your use depends wholly on your preferred type according to how you feel easy and what level of comfort you need to achieve.  Down pillows have got more popular as compared to the feather pillow due to the soft fill inside and they are more breathable and provides a real fluff to sleep comfortably.

More detail you can find out in here :

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5 Painfree good reasons for Striving an Orthopedic Pillow


Resting is an expertise that should really be resting comfortable and relaxing, nevertheless when you’re waking up in the centre of the night with head or neck pains, that’s rarely the situation. If you’re struggling with cramps during sleep or each morning, probably the most likely cause is your pillow. Previous pillows just do not have what it takes to preserve the body in a healthy position, making certain you are having a pain free rest. The solution to that particular challenge may be an orthopedic pillow. These pillows have a special design and they are made to cause you to healthy and convenient while asleep. If you are contemplating purchasing a pillow and eliminating your previous one, listed here are 5 good reasons for which these pillows might give you with the best solution:

1. They are cost efficient
Head, throat or joint aches during sleep or in the morning, cheapest and easy and simple remedy is definitely an orthopedic cushion if you should be experiencing back.

2. It beats likely to the doctor
We are usually scared by physicians, and in this event, his first guidance may possibly be “go buy an orthopedic pillow”. You’ll miss out the middle man and fix your difficulties in a free method that is secure and pain.

3. Orthopedic pillows are comfortable and healthy
Sleeping is really a very important a part of a person’s existence by assisting you with your sleeping, and pads could significantly boost your life quality. By making sure that you sleep in a situation that is healthy, such cushions will take care of any sleep induced discomfort.

4. Pillows are tough
Due to the supplies with which they are made, these kind of pillows preserve their form to get a a lot longer time frame. Many of them also utilize products that have storage, further increasing the impression that your mind is eventually resting where it should.

5. Orthopedic pillows are functional
You can use an orthopedic cushion in many diverse settings. You may also packit, and you are able to take it to function, you’re able to take it within your auto and go on it with you in your trips. Additionally you will find pillows on the market which is often useful for the benefit of many elements of your system. There are lots of other reasons for which such pillows are far better than the types that are standard.

don’t miss : best pillow for side sleepers

As an example, an everyday pillow is created and then assist your face and your toes, while an orthopedic cushion can be utilized to guide your upper back, your lower back, your hips as well as your entire body if you’re prepared to proceed the extra distance. Heated pads are safe, cheap and can actually help you along with your problems.

All you’ve to-do decide what type is not amiss for you and is browse through the many types.

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How to use Air Compressor

Mentioning air compressors won’t instill many creative thoughts into your mind. However, after conducting some research, you will get to know some uses of air compressor reviews and a further research will reveal to you that most people have owned the air compressors for either fun activities, work purpose or just for hobbies. Definitely, most tools used to perform some tasks are known to work much better with the air compressors. Today, the newer tools use electricity but are not able to sustain the power long enough.

How to use Air Compressor

The air compressors are normally used to perform a variety of jobs in our homes and building sites. Some of the popular task air compressors are used in include pumping up a car, wheelbarrow tires, and bike, powering the nail guns, the concrete breakers and blowing out debris. After using an air compressor in conjunction with a brad gun or nail gun, definitely you won’t have an option of reverting back to use of hammer again. Using the air compressors is simple and they can always make your job neat and done within the shortest time.

How to use Air Compressor

The air compressors usually function by drawing in air and compressing it in an enclosed chamber for future use. The size of the chamber is normally measured in Liters. The compressor tanks will always be fitted with the pressure release valve just to check out in when the pressure build too much in the tank. The air is always drawn in by use of a motor which is responsible for pulling air into the tank. The air is released whenever the trigger is pulled.

The air tools will always need some amounts of air pressure to work effectively. The majority will need a pressure of 90 PSI. Some of air compressors have 240 volt motor which is usually plugged directly into the domestic electricity supply. Whenever it is switched on, the motor drives the fan making the operation be straight forward.

How to use Air Compressor 2


Air normally contains some tiny particles of dust and grit. When the air compressors are used continuously, its components will damage and wear with time. It is advisable to use a fine oil to keep the various air tools in good shape.

Uses of Air Compressors

Listed are some of the most popular uses of air compressors:

Air Brush Painting

This is considered to be one of the most creative reasons for purchasing an air compressor. However, they will always be in need of the small size compressors for air brush painting.

Snow Machine

In case you didn’t enjoy your previous Christmas, you can consider making your own snow this time round and enjoy it together with your neighbors.

Paintball Buns

In case you haven’t been lucky to go paintballing, you will really appreciate the force when you are hit. Most of the home made guns use the small air compressors to apply pressure. You need to be careful when making your home made guns since it may fracture. Always wear the safety goggles.


The compressed air is usually filtered to be used as a breathing gas in diving cylinders. There are two types of diving cylinders; the surface supplied diving and scuba diving cylinders.

Inflating Tires

Inflating tires is one of the jobs that are performed on a regular basis. Inflating of tyres is performed in motor bikes, cars, vans and bicycles.

The Pressure Washer

The Pressure washers are known to be great fun. However, avoid using the pressure washers up a ladder; it is capable of throwing you off balance.

The Staple/ Nail Gun

The nail gun was first introduced in 1950 to help speed up housing construction. A single operator can need 40-60 nails in just a single minute. However, the nail guns can also be dangerous as there have been reports to hand and feet injuries caused by the nail guns.

The air compressors are always capable of blasting a powerful burst of air. It is necessary to make sure you have the compressor nozzle in a safe position before you embark in filling up the air in your tires. Before you activate the handle to allow the nozzle pump air through, make sure the tip of the nozzle is secured.

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A Short Guide to Buying Belt Sander

Belt sander is a vital tool for any woodworker or auto body worker. It a strong, powerful device which is normally used for making selvedges of the material become level, smoothing extremely rugged surfaces or flattening them and removing old paint. A good belt sander can surely boost up the speed of your projects and save you much time. However, choosing a good one is not an easy task because there are many models of belt sander on the market now with different characteristics. So if you are new to belt sander or feel confused in the journey of finding your ideal sander, please read on to find out some good tips which may lead you to the right way of choosing your dream belt sander.


There are 2 important things you need to consider before purchasing a belt sander: the first one is the load of your work and the second one is the budget for this device.

+ Types of belt sander: the more work you need to deal with, the bigger and stronger belt sander you need to purchase. The size of this device is normally sorted depend on the dimension of the belt, width and length in particular. The standard small one is 3-inch in width and 21-inch in length type. It is a compact model which can be maneuvered easily for working in tight space like inside a wardrobe. They are also light enough for you to use by one hand.

The bigger type includes a belt which width is up to 4 inches and length is 24 inches. Its weight is about 16 pounds and it is more powerful than the smaller one. This type becomes very effective for bigger projects like smoothing large rough surface. Indeed, it can easily level a lot of materials in a very short time. This type also includes a bag which works as a dust collecting system and it needs to be emptied continuously to keep the device running effectively.

+ Budget for belt sander: The price range of this device varies and mostly depends on the size of the device. Normally, the bigger belt sander is, the more money you need to pay to buy it. Even in a same size, the price also fluctuates between a gap of about $70 to $200 and it usually depends on which useful feature it has. Here are some useful features you should look for in a good belt sander:

– Adjustable rolling speed: a belt sander which has controllable rolling speed is very useful. By controlling the speed, you can also control the amount of material which is removed and the quality of surfaces which need to sand.

– Automatic belt tracking: While working, the belt needs to be regulated continuously or it will come off the rollers and cause heavy damage in the surface of your material or even break the device. This feature allows you to keep the belt in its right place without any difficulties.

Here is some basic knowledge about buying a belt sander also for a best wood router. Surely, there are still some other factors that a buyer needs to consider before purchasing a new wood router table but it is for professional one, not a newbie like you. Hope that the information in this article can help you find your ideal belt sander. Thank for reading!

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Why have a memory foam mattress topper?

Choosing a smart mattress product that helps people sleep well is not easy. If you have difficult, I think a memory foam mattress is a perfect choice for you, especially for those who are suffering backache, insomnia in each day. The memory foam is well-known as one of the most popular mattress toppers that users almost appreciate highly in both qualify and safety. If you sleep on your old mattress with uncomfortable feeling on your shoulders, knee, back, so why you don’t invest a memory foam mattress topper? Maybe you wonder if it can improve the sleeping qualify. Ensure that you think about it until you read these following reasons now.They will help you to decide whether a memory foam mattress topper is worth a try.
memory foam mattress for side sleepers
First of all, the memory foam mattress is well-known as the first performance in the mid-1960s for NASA airplane’s seats and then developed in the other applications later. The memory foam mattress topper is designed basing on five standards concluding of Comfortable, Special care, Circulation of blood, Air free and No pressure. The most outstanding thing is that the mattress topper is made from memory foam material, which is polyurethane with additional chemicals increasing its viscosity and density. It adapts to your body weight and temperature properly. As a result, this provides good pressure relief on all areas of your body, that means your discomfort and achy are impossible to occur. Many people consider that it also is an ideal for camping if they sleep on the ground.

best mattress for side sleepers 2015
Secondly, you easily look surprised at its ability of temperature sensitivity combined with the opened- cell structure that allow for more efficient air circulation. When your body slightly touches with the surface of the mattress, the body temperature will affect directly to its material, but it can disperse body heat quickly, that makes it become more unique in users’ view. It is obviously evident that a large number of customers enjoy a useful improvement in their quality of sleep when they have experienced in it. Expectedly, a deeper sleeping is always good for your health after a hard-working day.
Moreover, the other major characteristic is the selected pad covers are the best fabrics, such as cotton, terry, velvet, short plush, jacquard kniting, lycra. All are produced by the modern technology with a variety of styles and patterns for clients to make a decision. Also, the pattern and color of a memory foam pad can be adjusted to fit for consumer’s requirements because of each person’s own interest.
Besides, the ability of memory foam pad’s elasticity also brings it more noticeable in comparison with the other mattress products. Let’s look at saging! If you compress your hand on a pad’s surface normally, it rebounds immediately. On the contrary, taking similarly on the surface of a memory foam mattress topper, it is clearly seen that this mattress still remains a signal of compressing and then comes back gradually. For applying, you can comfortably toss and turn your body during sleeping without having bad effect on all parts of your body.
However, the size of a memory foam mattress is also a problem which users concern about. In oder to support for transportation conveniently, the producers vacuum compressed skillfully all memory foam pad products before rolling to pack carefully. If you open the package, it will rebounds100% like you first take it out of the packaging.

In general, when you use some new mattress products, they often have a odor chemical smell that you feel uneasiness. With a memory foam mattress topper, it is not concerned thing because its specific smell quickly disappears after 1 or 2 days using, it’s extremely relaxable and soft for you to sleep. Looking for Best Mattress for Side Sleepers, check our review in here before buying it.

Price of the memory foam mattress topper
In fact, having a memory foam mattress topper is not cheap considerably. However, the price is equal with the qualify. If you buy an expensive foam mattress topper, of course you will get the highest qualify. It’s up to your budget. As you can see, there are many mattress manufacturers now, you should research the information about some types of memory foam pads, their cost and qualify or find to read its reviews in order to choose the best memory foam mattress topper. Anh then you should order or buy it at the trusted- brand company, you are guaranteed to own the best product. It is not only useful but also suitable for your money. The more important thing is the ease of use and the support for a long time, your back pain or stiffness of joints is unable to appear as well as you can relax your body and spend a lot of time to have deeper sleep.
Essentially, the memory foam mattress topper is regarded as a sleeping innovation, if you plan to buy it, consider the given reasons to make sure a smart mattress product is the best option for your need today.

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How to choose the most suitable vacuum sealer to your household


With a variety of benefits people can get from a vacuum sealer, it has been one of the most useful devices for our households. Thanks to its efficiency in saving food for a long-term period, homemakers can now save their time as well as their money by purchasing things they need in bulk at the local groceries. Besides helping to keep food fresh and fresh, a vacuum sealer can even do more such as protect non-food items from corrosion.

Nowadays, there are more and more brands and models of vacuum sealer on the market, making the customers confused on which is the most suitable to them. To solve this problem, some tips below may partly help you.


First of all, you have to identify how cost the vacuum sealer should be in order not to break your bank. Basically, there are two types of vacuum sealers: handheld models and counter top ones. While the handheld food sealers are very budget, the counter top ones are more expensive. Each kind also has a wide range of prices.

Kitchen space

If you are just looking for a handheld vacuum sealer, you can skip this step. But if you want to get a counter top model, don’t forget to pay attention on how much space is available in your kitchen, and, of course, on the countertop. Fortunately, almost the vacuum sealers are lightweight and portable. Therefore, they would put you at ease to carry and move as well.


Now, in this step, you should estimate your need of using the vacuum sealer. How much food do you want to vacuum seal? How often do you use it? How many usages should the sealer have? There are several kinds of this device designed corresponding with the customer’s usage. If you intend to buy a sealer for your home to vacuum seal some normal foods that can save them within only a week, a handheld model is enough. In case you need to extend the life of food up to a couple of months, a counter top sealer is obviously the suitable option. On the other hand, if you intend to get one for your business, then you have to consider a heavy duty vacuum sealer.

Size of food

Each model of vacuum sealer has the limit size of bags that it can take care. Hence, you need to consider this aspect before buying. If you intend to seal large-size food which can be just put in 15-inch seal bags, then some models can not take care of this.


With development of technology nowadays, the vacuum sealers have more and more innovative functions in them. Thus, you may need to list all functions you want in your sealer and identify which of them are the most important for you. For example, some devices have roll holder and cutter. Some have free operation to help busy people save time.

Coupled to above tips, to find the best vacuum sealers for you household, don’t hesitate to read our food saver reviews for reference and get one right today to make life easier!

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Simple and Affordable – Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator

Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric is one of the most affordable food dehydrators available in the market. It is very popular in the market for its simple design and easy to use. It has not only affordable price it also has wide range of features designed to help you to dry food. It is quite simple to use, beginners can easily operate it. Dehydration in this appliance maintains the vitamins and minerals. There is no need to add preservatives or is designed in a good way. You can enjoy delicious Jerky because this appliance is best for making beef jerky. This model will require around 4-5 hours making banana chips. And it takes 1 hour to dry pears and you can also dry tomatoes in 3 hours. You will also receive some other accessories too with it.

Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator

Specifications and features of Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric

– It has fan mounted at the bottom of the appliance, the unit boasts the vertical airflow. In this mechanism, basically heat starts off from the bottom of the machine and gradually it moves across the trays. This mechanism ensures that all the food present in the lower tray will dry rapidly. In this method all the food is not dried evenly. Another advantage of having vertical airflow is that you don’t suffer from mixing of flavor.
– The appliance has expandable features, it has 4 trays but you can insert more trays in it to increase the capacity. Up to 8 trays are added to accommodate more food in for drying in each batch. If you routine is quite busy, you must have to buy this appliance because it can dry the double amount of food in the same batch.
– The unit is designed in a good way it has see-through cover which makes you allow keeping an eye on the drying procedure. In this way you can protect the food from over drying and under drying. Well it is not necessary that you have to watch through the lid, you can also check the food by lifting the lid. You can make your food as dry as your wish.
– The appliance emits very less noise as compared to other models of dehydrators. So you can comfortably use this appliance in night or when any family member is sleeping.
– The dehydrator has no timer in it so you can substitute it with any kitchen timer. It has no thermostat in it but its temperature regulates automatically. It has a temperature range from 135-145°F
– The device is of 600 Watt having 1 year limited warranty. The type of the dehydrator is stackable, and the dimension of appliance is 14 x 15 x 6″. The device is available just in white colour having no battery.

You can check Best Food Dehydrator 2015 for further specifications on the product and learn more about what the buyers have said about it?


– It has an expandable 4 tray system.
– The appliance has vertical air flow system and the fan is mounted at the bottom.
– There is not necessary to rotate the tray.
– The lid of the appliance is transparent or see-through.
– The drying trays cover can easily washed in dishwashers.
– The instruction book is included with this appliance, which help its users to guide them about drying of different items.


– It has no timer in it so you have to use any kitchen timer.
– There is no thermostat in it.


Overall the appliance is solid and reliable. It is easy to clean and simple to use. Starters can easily handle it and it is designed with wide variety of features. More important thing is that it has surprisingly reasonable and affordable price. If it is properly cared by the users the total life span of the appliance is 10 years or more than it.

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